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About me

Welcome to my website!

I was born in 1984. I have suffered from poor eyesight for a long time, however, my condition has deteriorated significantly in recent years. I am a very cheerful individual with a positive approach towards life. I try to not take myself and the things that happen to me too seriously. I work, study and try to find time to pursue my hobby.


I am an experienced salesman as well as an IT specialist. Unfortunately, under current circumstances I do not have the ability to work in the areas that I have both studied in and experienced first- hand. Because of my condition it is difficult for me to find a permanent and stable job and whatever I decide to devote myself to can prove too demanding for my disability. I am in possession of documents to testify a permanent partial inability to work.


I started studying for a master’s degree in Psychology at the Maria Grzegorzewska University in 2016. I chose this course because of my genuine interest in this area as well as a vast practical knowledge which I have gained while working in sales.


I enjoy devoting myself to IT even though I do not always have both the time and the energy. Google have awarded me with a grant in the form of a training which covered creating applications for the Android platform.

Another hobby of mine is astronomy and researching technical developments. The company I am fascinated about and whose developments I follow closely is SpaceX.

I used to really like spending my free time playing video games as it was a way for me to relieve stress. As time passed by it started to be less and less pleasurable for me and now I prefer other ways of stress relief, e.g. reading books. As at now I mostly read books and articles related to my university course. I, however, enjoy reading biographies, science fiction as well as the work of Tom Clancy.

When it comes to movies, similarly to books – I have a soft spot for science fiction, biographies and also the movies which are not predictable and could be referred to as ‚mind bending’. Marvel and DC movies and series are also my amongst my favourites. Series wise I really like: Blacklist, Designated Survivor, Rick & Morty.