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The public benefit legislation which got implemented in Poland in 2004 allows everyone who pays taxes in Poland to donate 1% of their tax liability to the selected charitable cause. Prior to 2007 the process involved transferring the donation personally and subsequently deducting it from the tax liability. This has been simplified in 2007 and what is now involves is stating in the PIT declaration what the chosen organisation is. This allows everyone to support their selected organisation.


Thanks to the Avalon Foundation you can now support me and donate 1% of your tax liability to me.

If you decide to support me with your 1%, please follow the instructions below:

In the ‚WNIOSEK O PRZEKAZANIE 1% PODATKU NALEŻNEGO NA RZECZ ORGANIZACJI POŻYTKU PUBLICZNEGO (OPP)’ (Transfer of 1% of tax liability to a public benefit organisation form) section you have to:

  • Apply the KRS number: 0000270809
  • Calculate the amount equivalent to 1%

In the INFORMACJE UZUPELNIAJACE – Supporting Information- section (highly important!) you have to:

  • Write the surname and the membership number allocated by the foundation – Olszewski, 8967


It should look as seen below (in field 138 the amount equivalent to 1% has to be applied)