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My eyesight deteriorates every day, when it gets dark I am unable to easily move around in places with uneven lighting. I struggle with face recognition, it is possible for me to be stood on the bus opposite to someone I know well, yet not know it is them. Reading has become more exhausting and the surroundings – blurry. The vision in my right eye is captured in a way that is not readable by me since May 2017.

What I am up against is not just one condition but a mix of many which affect my eyesight:

  • High degree myopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Peripheral retinal degeneration
  • Disorder of refraction and accommodation

Below is the description of my condition as stated by a forensic ophthalmologist .

Update, 26.03.2018, new documents from a retinal tomography, ultrasound test and a MAIA test (field of view assessment).

Download english transcription of the files below.


> Some documents illustrating the treatment process <


> My fit note <

> Eyes tomography results <


> Assessment of the field of view (MAIA) <


> Ultrasound test results for both eyes <