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The „Hej Koniku” Foundation has been supporting me for a long time. More information about this Foundation can be found on their website: http://www.hejkoniku.org.pl/O-Fundacji,43,j,1.html

The „Avalon” Foundation – it allowed me to be able to receive 1% from people’s  tax liability as well organised other interesting fundraising events to raise money for necessary treatment as well as for a specialist  equipment for me. Their website: http://www.fundacjaavalon.pl/

My profile in the ‚Avalon’ Foundation:



I would also want to sincerely thank Karina and Pawel Olszak for their support and help. Despite being busy and having no time for themselves – while getting ready for their big day – they still managed to find tim to support me.

I also wish to thank my parents, siblings as well as my family and my friends who help me, both the close and the more distant ones.